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CERN 31-S-028
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TIFR currently connects to to LHCONE using P2P dedicated link, which is absolute necessary and lifeline for WLCG connection of Indian computing infrastructure at TIFR and VECC. All the users from 18 different institutes reply on this.

In this meeting, we discuss, how best we can leverage the new NKN (National Knowledge Network) peering at CERN.

we also discuss the IPv6 implementation plan for India-LHCONE connection.

Meeting started at 12:15 and went on till 13:10

after the introductions

From NKN, Mr Rajesh presented the status of NKN network and new peering.

To utilize the additional NKN link and share some of the traffic load on NKN

Following different technical options were discussed,

* - Deployment using multiple subjects of IPv4 and IPv6 and sharing the load at the server level IP assignment.

* - BGP multi-path and load sharing

The technical challenges in both the approaches were discussed.

It was decided that the second option requires only configuration changes.

LHCONE experience of such implementation over multiple transatlantic links has been good and this looks like the best approach at the moment.


##  Before next meeting.

a Route Object needs to be created for IPv6 series which is assigned by TIFR. in this week, a mail regarding the technical details needs to be sent to TIFR CC for creating this route object


## Next meeting is set on 5th Feb 2017, wherein we will be making the configuration changes and testing the IPv6 and Load sharing on multiple links.

Thanks -- Brij

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