May 23 – 26, 2018
Murcia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

Welcome. The workshop aims at bringing together experts in string and SUGRA theory, focusing on general recent developments. The first edition of this Conference took place in Kyoto (2017).


Topics include:

  • Microstate geometries
  • Black holes in supergravity
  • Vacua (in)stabilities
  • Exotic extended objects
  • Geometry for T- and U-dualities
  • Non-Abelian T-dualities
  • Non-geometric string backgrounds
  • Integrable deformations
  • Holography


Speakers include:

  • Igor Bandos
  • Iosif Bena
  • Eric Bergshoeff
  • Leron Borsten
  • Giuseppe Dibitetto
  • Michael Duff
  • Adolfo Guarino
  • Alessio Marrani
  • Tomás Ortín
  • Carlos Shahbazi
  • David Turton
  • Kentaroh Yoshida

     (*) to be confirmed


Organising & Scientific Committee:

  • Jose J. Fernández-Melgarejo (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics/Univ. de Murcia)
  • Emilio Torrente-Luján (Univ. de Murcia/CERN)

 Technical Organisation Committee:

  • Álvaro García Navarro (U. Murcia)






Murcia, Spain
Universidad de Murcia, Campus de Espinardo
Departamento de Fisica Campus de Espinardo E-30100 Murcia Spain