CRU Weekly Meeting





  • 10G PON
  • GBT
    • Question : why reordering when ATX_PLL is not used and not otherwise (use_ATX_PLL)
  • DCS
  • PCIe
  • Integration
    • Question : in preint what are the branches preint8, preint8-noice and debug (>6 months old)
    • Adaptation for V2 firmware :
      • New top_pcie40_v2
      • Now for PCIe, but 2 ref clocks, 2 resets ...
      • Different PLL
      • ...
  • Simulation
  • Production
  • Task list (to be discussed)
    • Merge preint in pcore and use QSF for project description (OB)
    • Remove libraries in GBT core, ctpemu, cru_dummy_logic, onu_core, onu_user_logic, pciedma. For those, use component declaration and/or package
    • Get some documentation on the TTC-PON and ONU core (electronics group documentation? What was modified or not?)
    • Establish a list of modification in the GBT (file modified and for which functionnality)
    • Update of the specification and the requirement documentation
    • Regroup functionnalities :
      • GBT related
      • TTC related
      • DCS related
  • AOB
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Erno David
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Joel, Tivadar, Tuan, Pippo, Mazsi, Olivier




  • Design was tested with CRU and an evaluation board for the PLL (the one on CRU was not used)
  • Seems to be working
  • Friday the PLL on the CRU were configured correctly
  • We have to move to the new PLL that are in the CRU to make new measurement, or use the internal PLL (measurement have to be done)
  • Any commit forecasted -> yes hopefully today




  • Was focused on the test the new Calcutta boards
  • The GBT-test project is used for testing the hardware only
  • Last week, new GBT project with the use the new git
  • PiPPo: what about the PLL calibration script (in CRU test repository). Unfortunately TPC developped its own
  • Channel mixing due to the ATX_PLL :
    • not sure we will use it, so not applied all the time because it messes up the front panel.
    • Decision to be taken after measurement → we will keep only one possibility




  • Script were fixed by Tuan, work still on going for I2C PLL scripts, also minipod scripts were fixed





  • No big news, working on the simulation





  • Further simulation has been done on datapath wrapper, this part quite understood yet, testbench may be further refined later on




(Olivier, all)

  • Library names removal done in many modules, use of verinfo fake for modified libraries
  • Usage of QSF was extended
  • Stitching of preint to core (done in the afternoon)
  • Tivadar whishes that we target to have a CRU V2 firmware today or tomorrow in order to test with Jean-Pierre during this end of week.
    • It does not seems to be realistic because of various issues (vhdl adaptation, TPC tests, ...)
    • We can ask Jean-Pierre to leave a board here, but in that case we have to be sure to use it for testing.




  • Very first days of march, first CRU V2 will be available
  • A few more by mid march
  • Then more will arrive by end of march no plan to distribute them yet





  • During march Tivadar will take care of updating the documentation with Erno



No new input
Feb 10-13 : mazsi @ wigner
Feb 15-27 : mazsi on leav
Feb 15-16 : Olivier on leave
Feb 22-23 : Olivier on leave

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