CRU Weekly Meeting



  • 10G PON
    • Use a local oscillator for lab test?
  • GBT
  • DCS
    • Feature request by TPC
  • PCIe/DMA
    • RDH3, a (very) small documentation in git (just the header format or a link to the doc?)
  • Integration
    • Hands-in meeting to organize
    • Getting ready for next release
  • Simulation
    • Aim to elaborate the full design and simulate almost all (without pciedma)
  • Production
  • Pending subject/ to do
    • Regroup functionnalities and add a at this level to basically document each submodule
      • TTC related
      • DCS related
    • Update of the specification and the requirement documentation (by end of march)
  • AOB
Videoconference Rooms
Erno David
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Tuan, Mazsi, Olivier, Erno, Pippo, Joel,.



  • The new ONU core was validated with a TTC fiber so the clocking issue was not spotted earlier. For now three solutions are envionned to solve quickly the issue
  • Within a few days : use the globalgen240 to do clock switching from a local oscillator (Mazsi will look into that)
  • Today Test the new gbt_type on a branch with now ONU removed (that is on old ONU core)
  • Have a LTU box to have the TTC stream (CTP lab cannot be accessed yet)




  • GBT type were installed, to be tested when clocking works again in standalone
  • An email exchange was done about the 240MHz GBT and some ressource sharing with Julian, no feedback yet. May be difficult, because there are not that many users for multi-gbt!




  • Request from TPC. A fix was found and proposed to electronics group (Julian)




  • Second endpoint was added
  • Now if endpoint is set to two the second endpoint doesn't receive the clock. Be carefull with generic usage
  • RDH3 will be presented official at the next official meeting (next week).
  • Will check for simulation and elaboration



(Olivier, all)

  • Version inf script repaired
  • New avalon slave and multi-master are available, to use
  • The 21 st, travel to CERN, no weekly meeting!
  • The CRU V2 is accessible only from remote
  • For next release, the real deadline for firmware is end of april when the CRU V2 is available. But we may want to release the new flow earlier to the user as planned by end of march.


Hands-on meeting

2 types:

  • on request
  • Regular
  • Topics covereds :
    • How to use the card, how to use the VLDB
    • Like what we will do the 21st





  • A server should be ready
  • Going to CPPM, hope to get a V2 card soon
  • At first 5 boards should arrive, and then the rest will come in progressively. The 5 CRU V2 should be there already!




  • Mazsi: leaves at end of March, on vacation 14th to 20th of March. Can come a few days at the end of avril (or maybe end of may) if necessary
  • PiPPo absent 28 April - 13 May
  • Olivier in vacation from April 12th to April 18th included. Probably 2 days right before or right after also. To be decided later.
  • Tuan 28th and 29th of march in Budapest, back to CERN the 6th of April
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