10-15 March 2019
Steinmatte conference center
Europe/Zurich timezone

Trilinear Higgs boson coupling variations for di-Higgs production with full NLO QCD predictions in POWHEG

13 Mar 2019, 15:30
Steinmatte Room C

Steinmatte Room C

Oral Track 3: Computations in Theoretical Physics: Techniques and Methods Track 3: Computations in Theoretical Physics: Techniques and Methods


Ludovic Michel Scyboz (Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik (DE))


While the Higgs boson couplings to other particles are increasingly well-measured by LHC experiments, it has proven difficult to set constraints on the Higgs trilinear self-coupling $\lambda$, principally due to the very low cross-section of Higgs boson pair production. We present the results of NLO QCD corrections to Higgs pair production with full top-quark mass dependence, where the fixed-order computation up to two loops has been performed numerically, using both CPUs and GPUs. It is supplemented by parton showering within the $\texttt{POWHEG}$ event generator framework. We use the interface between the $\texttt{POWHEG-BOX-V2}$ program and both $\texttt{Pythia8}$ and $\texttt{Herwig7}$ parton showers to generate differential distributions for various values of the trilinear self-coupling $\lambda$ that are still allowed by the current experimental constraints.

Primary authors

Gudrun Heinrich (Max Planck Institute for Physics) Stephen Philip Jones Matthias Kerner (MPP Munich) Gionata Luisoni Ludovic Michel Scyboz (Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik (DE))

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