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10-15 March 2019
Steinmatte conference center
Europe/Zurich timezone

Using Continuous Deployment techniques to manage software change at a WLCG Tier-2

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Steinmatte conference center

Steinmatte conference center

Hotel Allalin, Saas Fee, Switzerland https://allalin.ch/conference/
Poster Track 1: Computing Technology for Physics Research Poster Session


Gareth Douglas Roy (University of Glasgow (GB))


In software development Continuous Integration (CI), the practice of bringing together multiple developers’ code modifications into a single repository, and Continuous Delivery (CD), the practice of automatedly creating and testing releases are well known. CI/CD pipelines are available in many automation tools (such as GitLab) and act to enhance and speed up software development.

Continuous Deployment, the next step which is the practice of pushing releases to the production environment through automation is not as well established due to business or legal requirements. In the WLCG we have no such limitations and it is therefore a good candidate for Continuous Deployment of Grid resources.

In this paper we develop the work presented previously on containerised worker node environments and show how the use of Continuous Deployment techniques (and tooling) in conjunction with CI/CD can enhance the management of a WLCG Tier-2 resource, reducing downtime due to code changes and middleware updates.

Primary authors

Gareth Douglas Roy (University of Glasgow (GB)) Samuel Cadellin Skipsey Dr Gordon Stewart (University of Glasgow) Dr Emanuele Simili (University of Glasgow) David Britton

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