8 June 2018
Vicolo dell'Osservatorio 3, Padua, Italy
Europe/Zurich timezone

Signatures of an eruptive phase before the explosion of SN 2013gc

8 Jun 2018, 15:35
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Reguitti Andrea (Università di Padova)


SN 2013gc is the first case of a type IId supernova with detections of outburst episodes before the explosion. During these outbursts the progenitor star expelled a circumstellar shell, which later interacted with the SN ejecta. The spectra show multiple components in emission, with a narrow P Cygni profile. The spectra and the light curve were compared with those of similar objects. The talk will be a description of the study done on this interesting object.

Primary author

Reguitti Andrea (Università di Padova)

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