Aug 28 – 31, 2018
Europe/Zurich timezone

【816】 Emergent Dynamic Chirality in a Thermally Driven Artificial Spin Ratchet

Aug 30, 2018, 3:30 PM

CE 1


Talk Magnetism and Spintronics at the Nanoscale Magnetism and Spintronics at the Nanoscale


Sebastian Gliga (University of Glasgow - Paul Scherrer Institute )


Artificial spin ices are composed of geometrically frustrated arrangements of lithographically patterned single-domain nanomagnets. We have fabricated a spin ice based active material, a chiral ice, which converts energy into unidirectional dynamics, thus functioning like a ratchet [1] and demonstrating the potential of spin ices to build functional materials. Measurements combining photoemission electron microscopy with X-ray magnetic circular dichroism show that, following saturation, thermal relaxation proceeds through the rotation of the average magnetization in a unique sense. Micromagnetic simulations demonstrate that this emergent chiral behavior is driven by an asymmetric energy landscape. This opens the possibility of implementing a Brownian ratchet, with applications in nanomotors, actuators or memory cells. [1] Gliga, et al., Nat. Mater. 16, 1106 (2017)

Primary authors

Sebastian Gliga (University of Glasgow - Paul Scherrer Institute ) Gino Hrkac (University of Exeter) Claire Donnelly (Paul Scherrer Institute) Büchi Jonathan (ETH Zurich) Armin Kleibert (Paul Scherrer Institute) Cui Jizhai (ETH Zurich - Paul Scherrer Institute) Alan Farhan (Paul Scherrer Institute) Eugenie Kirk (Paul Scherrer Institute) Rajesh Chopdekar (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Yusuke Masaki (University of Tokyo) Nicholas Bingham (Yale University) Andreas Scholl (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Robert Stamps (University of Manitoba) Laura Heyderman (ETH Zurich - Paul Scherrer Institute)

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