Defining a Community Vision Statement

IdeaSquare (CERN)



WIT Steering Committee

Join us for an evening in IdeaSquare where we we, as a community, define the "What, How and Why" of WIT. Afterwards there will be drinks and nibbles provided and a chance for us to mingle. 

We will follow the Golden Circle methodology. If you're curious to know more, check out these links:

Now that the WIT Community has a few years under its belt, we felt the time was right to define more concretely what it is that we are doing, how, and ultimately why. Everybody is very welcome to attend, regardless of gender or job description, the more diverse the room the better our vision statement will be!


(Thank you to Romy Welschen for the notes)

What does WIT do?

  • Organises events

  • Organises networking

  • Shares diversity related information

  • Enables experience sharing, highlighting role models and learning opportunities

  • Connects women in technology to each other

  • Inspires women in non-traditional fields, empowering and encouraging women to stay

Keywords: Networking, Experience sharing, Event organizing, Inspiring, Informing


How does WIT achieve its goals?

  • By providing an active platform

  • By inspiring confidence and empowering members to attend

  • By fostering an open environment

  • By identifying where inequality lies, increasing awareness and raising issues of inequality

    • Prevent damaging practices and behavior

  • By forming strategic relationships with CERN's bodies e.g. Diversity Office

  • By supporting CERNs battle against inequality (events and newsletter)

Keywords: Empowerment, Active, Platforms, Relationships, Raising Issues, Environment


Why does WIT exist?

  • Produce culture change

    • Fairer environment

    • Allow women in tech to be seen as normal

  • Better working environment

    • Reduced stress

    • Diversity of perspective

  • Better science

  • Equal opportunities

    • Create a level playing field or meritocracy

  • Improve gender balance and decrease dropout

  • Improve awareness

    • Make visible the invisible

    • Expose damaging practices

    • Allow women to know their issues are not imaginary

  • Provide a support system

  • Encourage people to be better gender diversity allies  

Keywords: Culture change, Gender balance, Awareness, Ally/Bystander, Support, Working Environment, Equal Opportunity, improving science


Topics highlighted for future action:

  • Harassment Liaison Network
  • Admit that CERN has a problem
  • Find a method for women to share stories of harassment or inequality
  • Survey of perceived obstacles
  • Make WIT event attendance officially recognised
  • Articulate common value
  • Education on diversity topics


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      What, How and Why


      Why? Create a fairer working environment that gives women equal opportunities to be empowered to progress in technical fields for the benefit of Science and Technology.
      How? By providing an active, supportive environment where issues can be raised safely.
      What? Opportunities to connect women in technology to share experiences and information.

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      WIT Logo Competition Launch
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      Networking Drinks