Sep 26 – 28, 2018
Department of Physics (University of Coimbra)
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Welcome to PHAROS WG1+WG2 meeting!

The 2018 edition of PHAROS WG1+WG2 meeting will take place from 26 to 28 (morning) of September 2018 at the Department of Physics of the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Scientific Topics and Strategies to be discussed during the meeting:

  • Advances in topics of WG1:
    • Constraining the EoS;
    • Phenomenological constrained EoS;
    • Ab-initio calculations;
    • Finite temperature EoS;
    • Crust EoS;
    • Dense matter EoS - non nucleonic degree of freedom;
    • Hybrid star EoS.
  • Advances in topics of WG2:
    • Superfluidity and superconductivity in NS;
    • Modelling of transport phenomena in NS;
    • Modelling of glitches;
    • Transport coefficients of dense matter.
  • Define standards and collaboration between the two communities:
    • Define specifications for standard format EoS and discuss easy readable formats;
    • Set standards for calculating transport parameters consistently with the equation of state;
    • Define which quantities must be priorities for neutron star simulations. 


  • Application for financial support: June 15, 2018.
  • Registration: July 15, 2018.
  • Abstract submission: July 15, 2018.

Invited speakers:

  • Adriana Raduta (IFIN-HH, Bucharest)
  • Andreas Schmitt (University of Southampton)
  • Helena Pais (CFisUC, University of Coimbra)
  • Jens Oluf Andersen (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Marcello Baldo (INFN, Catania)
  • Nicolas Chamel (IAA, Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • Sebastien Guillot (IRAP, Toulouse)
  • Stefan Typel (IKP, Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Scientific committee:

WG1:                                                                 WG2:
- Laura Tolos (IEEC-CSIC, Barcelona)           - Patrick Weltevrede (Univ. of Manchester )
- Ian Jones (Univ. of Southmapton)              - Constança Providência (CFisUC, Univ. of Coimbra)
- Enrico Bozzo (Univ. of Geneva)                   - Danai Antonopoulou (CAMK)

Organizing committee:

- Constança Providência (CFisUC & UC)
- Pedro Costa (CFisUC & UC)
- Márcio Ferreira (CFisUC & UC)
- Helena Pais (CFisUC & UC)
- Sónia Branco (ADDF)




Department of Physics (University of Coimbra)