26-30 November 2018
Europe/Vienna timezone

Leptogenesis via heavy right-handed neutrinos in a CPT violating background field.

28 Nov 2018, 14:50


Austrian Academy of Sciences, Dr.-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna, AUSTRIA
Non-Invited Talk [1] T, C, P, CP and CPT symmetries T, C, P, CP and CPT symmetries


Mr Tom Bossingham (King's College London)


A model of Leptogenesis with tree-level decay processes of heavy right-handed Majorana neutrinos into leptons and anti-Leptons in the presences of a temperature dependent CPT violating background field $B_{0}$. Approximate analytic solutions of the Boltzmann equations show that in the presence of such a background field an asymmetry is generated between the Lepton and anti-Leptons at decoupling temperatures around the mass of the heavy right-handed neutrino. The solution gives an estimate for the magnitude of the background field needed at decoupling to generate the asymmetry and it can be shown that the field decreases fast enough to be too small to be observed today.

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Primary authors

Prof. Nick Mavromatos (King's College London) Prof. Sarben Sarkar (King's College London) Mr Tom Bossingham (King's College London)

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