ISOLDE Seminar

Fission Molybdenum-99 Production (Medical Radioisotope) in Pakistan

by Mr Moazam Mehmood Khan (COAS, EN-STI-RBS)


The details of my role in development and operations of the Isotope (Mo-99/Tc-99m) Production Facility, PINSTECH, Islamabad, will be presented. Isotopes are produced for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in my institute and are supplied to more than 20 nuclear medical centers across Pakistan. Being sixth most populous country of the world, demand of radiopharmaceuticals/radioisotopes for medical procedures is very high in Pakistan. Isotope (Mo-99/Tc-99m, for which I am responsible) is weekly supplied to all nuclear medical centers across Pakistan. Molybdenum-99/Tc-99m is a power hub of all nuclear medicines as it is being used in 80% of the nuclear procedures worldwide. Pakistan was importing Mo-99, for production of Tc-99m generator, from South Africa before its own indigenous production of Mo-99. Along with production of this important radioisotope, I ll briefly explain my research activities in isotope production.

In the second part of presentation, my role and plans at MEDICIS will be presented.