Cosmology 2018 in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hotel Kompas

Cosmology offers today one of the most important frontiers of physics. The mystery of dark matter and puzzle of dark energy are still outstanding.  On the observational side there is an exponential growth of accurate and important data, and they will help in establishing the new needed theories.

In this conference we plan to bring together researchers from the observational, computer simulation and theoretical sides working in cosmology, astrophysics and astroparticle physics, to discuss the current situation as well as  prospects for the future improvements.

All the topics will be discussed from different angles starting from the booming flow of observational data. The topics to be discussed will include:

  1. DM (Theory, Observations, Detection)
  2. Structures in the Universe 
  3. New observational probes of the Universe
  4. Multimessenger cosmology (Gravitational waves, Cosmic rays, Neutrinos)
  5. Unknown physics in the Universe

A number of invited talks from leading scientists as well as many contributed ones from participants will be presented.

The conference will take place in a conductive atmosphere, appropriate for the dramatic paradigm shift that we may be witnessing in these days.

The conference is supported by the H2020 project n. 692194 RBI-T-WINNING.

A conference fee of 200Eur is required: it covers Coffee Breaks, Lunches, Gala dinner. 

Additional support for accommodation of contributing speakers will be available in a limited number of cases.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

  • Pasquale Blasi
  • Marina Cobal
  • Christopher Conselice
  • Angela di Virgilio
  • Nicolao Fornengo
  • Katherine Freese
  • Carlos Frenk
  • Paolo Gondolo
  • Ruth Lazkoz
  • Sabino Matarrese
  • Joseph Silk
  • Volker Springel
  • Francesco Villante
  • V. Gammaldi (scientific secretariat)
  • Fabrizio Nesti, Paolo Salucci (chairs)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

  • O Antipin
  • C. Di Paolo
  • G. Sharma
  • F. Nesti
  • P. Salucci
  • V. Gammaldi
  • A. Vidoš (administrative support)








  • Adnan Erkurt
  • Alain Asokeng
  • Alberto Zucchetta
  • Alen Klimenta
  • Alison Elliot
  • Alma Gonzalez
  • Angela Di Virgilio
  • Anna De Graaff
  • Annalisa Pillepich
  • Barbara Patricelli
  • Carlo Baccigalupi
  • Carlos Frenk
  • Carmelo Evoli
  • Chiara Di Paolo
  • Christian Arnold
  • Daniel Nieto
  • Daniele Bertacca
  • Emmanuel Saridakis
  • Enrico Garaldi
  • Erik Aquino-Ortíz
  • Fabrizio Nesti
  • Florian Kuhnel
  • Francesco Calura
  • Gauri Sharma
  • Gerry Gilmore
  • Giovanni Tambalo
  • Go Ogiya
  • Goran Jelic-Cizmek
  • Indranil Banik
  • Jarah Evslin
  • Joaquin Gonzalez-Nuevo
  • John Heise
  • Jose Cembranos
  • Joseph Kuruvilla
  • Justin Read
  • Kamil Danek
  • Keiko Nagao
  • Konstantinos Migkas
  • Luca Visinelli
  • Manel Ouafi
  • Marina Cobal
  • Marius Cautun
  • Mark Vogelsberger
  • Martin Moyano
  • Martina Gerbino
  • Massimiliano Lattanzi
  • Michal Karamazov
  • Miguel Sánchez-Conde
  • Mikolaj Grzedzielski
  • Mohamed Rameez
  • Monika Biernacka
  • Motonari Tonegawa
  • Nicola Menci
  • Nicola Turini
  • Noemi Zabari
  • Oleg Antipin
  • Paolo Panci
  • Paolo Salucci
  • Phillip Helbig
  • Piero Ullio
  • Raffaele Pascale
  • Robert Monjo
  • Stefano Camera
  • Takeshi Kobayashi
  • Thomas Lacroix
  • Thorsten Glüsenkamp
  • Thorsten Naab
  • Victoria Yankelevich
  • Viviana Gammaldi
  • Wim De Boer
  • Wojciech Hellwing