12-23 October 2020
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FERS-5200: Front-End Readout System for large detector arrays

15 Oct 2020, 13:35
Oral presentation Front End Electronics and Fast Digitizers Oral presentations MISC01




The FERS-5200 is the new CAEN Front-End Readout System for large detector arrays. It consists in a compact, distributed and easy-deployable solution integrating front-end based on ASICs, A/D conversion, data processing, synchronization and readout. Using the appropriate Front-End the solution perfectly fits a wide range of detectors such as SiPMs, multianode PMTs, GEMs, Silicon Strip detectors, Wire Chambers, Gas Tubes, etc. The first member of the FERS family is the unit A5202, a 64 channel readout card for SiPMs, based on the CITIROC ASIC by Weeroc SaS. The Concentrator board DT5215 can manage the readout of up to 128 cards at once, that is 8192 readout channels in case of the A5202.

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Primary authors

Dr VENARUZZO, Massimo (CAEN SpA) Dr VENTURINI, Yuri (CAEN SpA) Dr TINTORI, Carlo (CAEN SpA) Dr ABBA, Andrea (Nuclear Instruments srl)

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