The 4th Asia Tier Center Forum

Pojanasarn (SUT Office)


SUT Office

22nd floor, Phayathai Plaza Building, Bangkok, Thailand

It is the forth event in this series with the  aim to strengthen collaboration among Asian countries which are members of experiments related to  LHC. The topics to be discussed in the forum will be how to construct a unified storage in a distributed way across the Asian countries for common use of LHC experiments. This can be also expanded towards a common Tier-1 in Asia with a nice reference in Nordic countries.

The major requirement is fast networking among sites so that networking is still important for this project. Also some development could be included here.

 Agenda are proposed as follows:

+ Networking 
 - LHCONE update (Edoardo)
 - Asian NREN update (ASGC, KREONET, SINET, TEIN etc.)
 - Fast data transfer tuning (mandatory to make distributed storage usable)
+ Building and Managing Distributed Resources (Sites)
 - History, Current status of NDGF
 - Development and management of distributed resources (storage or computing powers)
  * Both can be covered by NDGF experts
 - WLCG Data Lake Model (Simone)
  * Reminder of what he presented at ATCF3 and any updates on the model
+ Discussion
 - Possible model for Asian common resources
 - Constraints, Requirements, ...
  • Archara KOBDAJ
  • ByungKyu Kim
  • Chinorat Kobdaj
  • Edoardo Martelli
  • Geonmo Ryu
  • Hua Pei
  • Jetnipit Kaewjai
  • Jin Kim
  • Jingyan Shi
  • Latchezar BETEV
  • Man Hyung Cho
  • Mattias Wadenstein
  • Michiru Kaneda
  • Mr. Ahmad
  • Park Chanjin
  • Phenkhae Petchmai
  • Sang Un Ahn
  • Saqib Haleem
  • Seo-Young Noh
  • Simone Campana
  • Siriratchanee Thammasuwan
  • Sun Kun Oh
  • Sung Un (Patch) Lee
  • Takanori HARA
  • Tatsuya Chujo
  • Tawanchat Simantathammakul
  • Thanid Nudas
  • Tomoe Kishimoto
  • Toru Sugitate
  • Vikas Singhal