The low-energy Neutrino Factory

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Aithousa Mitropoulos ()

Aithousa Mitropoulos

Megaron, Athens - Greece


Prof. Kenneth Long (Imperial College London)


To date most studies of Neutrino Factories have focused on facilities where the energy of the muon in the storage ring has been in the range of 25-50 GeV. In this contribution we present a concept for a low-energy (≈ 5 GeV) Neutrino Factory (LENF). For baselines of O(1000 km), the rich oscillation pattern at low neutrino interaction energy (0.5—3 GeV) provides the uniquely good sensitivity to leptonic CP violation and the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy. It has been shown that the LENF outperforms any reasonable super-beam experiment. A novel neutrino detector with low energy threshold and excellent energy resolution is needed, however, in order to exploit this oscillation pattern. We will describe the basic accelerator facility, demonstrate the methodology of the analysis and give an estimate on how well the low-energy Neutrino Factory can measure θ_{13}, CP violation, and the mass hierarchy. We discuss different options for the far detector and consider their physics reach. Moreover, we find that the experiment also has good sensitivity to non-standard interactions and that this can be enhanced by the inclusion of the electron-neutrino appearance channel. Finally, we elaborate on the detector concept that is used to exploit the electron channel and indicate what R&D is still needed.

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Prof. Kenneth Long (Imperial College London)

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