NA61 data for T2K flux calculations

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Aithousa Mitropoulos ()

Aithousa Mitropoulos

Megaron, Athens - Greece


Dr Luigi Salvatore Esposito (Eidgenossische Tech. Hochschule Zuerich (ETHZ)-Unknown-Unknown)


For the NA61 and T2K Collaborations The approved T2K neutrino oscillation physics program requires a 5% neutrino flux determination and the ability to extrapolate the neutrino flux from near to far detector with a precision of 3%. This implies a knowledge of the hadron production with an accuracy of about 10%, while present Monte Carlo models differ significantly more. The NA61 experiment at the CERN North Area, using a 30 GeV proton beam on Carbon targets, measures hadron production over all the phase space needed by the T2K experiment and aims at producing a measurement of particle yields with a precision of 5% or better for pions and 10% for Kaons. A thin target is used to measure the inclusive inelastic cross-section of charged pions, kaons and protons as function of momentum and angle, in the primary interactions of 30 GeV protons on Carbon. A replica of the T2K production target is also used to get a measurement of reinteractions inside the target itself and to directly measure the hadron production yields off the T2K target, which can be used as input to the neutrino beam simulation.

Primary author

Dr Luigi Salvatore Esposito (Eidgenossische Tech. Hochschule Zuerich (ETHZ)-Unknown-Unknown)

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