17-21 March 2019
Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

NIRPS on track to join HARPS on the ESO 3.6-m

21 Mar 2019, 09:00
Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Dorfstrasse 168, 3818 Grindelwald Switzerland
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Prof. Bouchy François


The Near-InfraRed Planet Searcher (NIRPS) is a new ultra-stable near-infrared (YJH) spectrograph that will be installed on ESO 3.6-m Telescope in La Silla, Chile in begining 2020. Covering YJH bands with a spectral resolution of 100’000, NIRPS is part of a new generation of adaptive optics fiber-fed spectrographs. NIRPS will use a 0.4-arcsecond multi-mode fiber, half that required for a seeing-limited instrument, allowing a spectrograph design that is half as big as that of HARPS, while meeting the requirements for high throughput and high spectral resolution. A 0.9-arcsecond fiber will be used for fainter targets and degraded seeing conditions. NIRPS is designed to achieve a precision of 1 m.s-1 and will be operated simultaneously with HARPS. Here we describe the NIRPS main technical characteristics and the first tests of the Cassegrain Adapter made in lab with the AO system.

Authors: François Bouchy, René Dyon, François Wildi, Etienne Artigau, Nicolas Blind, Isabelle Boisse, Bruno Canto Martins, Bruno Chazelas, Ryan Cloutier, Xavier Delfosse, Xavier Dumusque, Pedro Figueira, Jonay Gonzales Hernandez, Christophe Lovis, Claudio Melo, Francesco Pepe, Rafael Rebolo, José Renan De Meideiros, Nuno Santos, Stéphane Udry, Gregg Wade, and the NIRPS team

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