17-21 March 2019
Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

Laser Frequency Combs for spectrograph calibration from blue to near infrared

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Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Sunstar Hotel, Grindelwald, Switzerland

Dorfstrasse 168, 3818 Grindelwald Switzerland
Poster Instrument and calibration challenges


Dr Tilo Steinmetz (Menlo Systems GmbH)


Astronomical laser frequency combs (LFCs) have become invaluable tools for precision astronomical spectroscopy. By serving as extremely stable wavelength references, they are ideal for searching Earth-like extrasolar planets using the radial-velocity method. LFCs generate a regular pattern of sharp emission lines, whose optical frequencies are referenced to an atomic clock. The relative stability of two individual LFCs on the cm/s level was demonstrated during a measurement campaign at the HARPS spectrograph in the visible spectral range (450nm-700nm). To make the LFC suitable as calibrators for the new generation NIR spectrographs we recently were able to extend the spectral coverage of the comb structure to 2.3µm on the infrared side of the spectrum.

Primary authors

Dr Tilo Steinmetz (Menlo Systems GmbH) Dr Rafael Probst (Menlo Systems GmbH) Dr Yuanjie Wu (Menlo Systems GmbH) Dr Ronald Holzwarth (Menlo Systems GmbH)

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