GGUS-OSG meeting on BNL_ATLAS name on the ticket submit form

28-R-020 (CERN)




Telephone meeting to conclude on the 4 names displayed to GGUS ticket submitters for BNL. savannah #109779

Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English, Main)
Access codes: 0181079 (Leader)
0191052 (Participant)
Leader site:
Participant site:

People invited: Ernst, Michael <>, Ruth Pordes <>, Maria Dimou <>, "" <>, Jamie Shiers <>, Guenter Grein <>, Robert Quick <>

Situation summary:
On the "Notify SITE" menu shows 4 names for BNL. This is confusing for the ticket submitters. OIM should present in the view used by GGUS only the 'resource group' name BNL_ATLAS with 2 valid email addresses, one for 'site contact' and one for 'site alarms.'

The agenda of this meeting is empty