28 August 2018 to 14 December 2018
UIC SEL 2284/Fermilab
America/Chicago timezone

The "Graduate Particle Physics” course will be taught by Prof. Richard Cavanaugh of University of Illinois, Chicago and Fermilab, starting on 28 August, 2018. The class will be taught at University of Illinois, Chicago (PHYS 551) in the Science and Engineering Laboratory Building, Room 2284. The course will be made available over videoconference for remote participants. The class will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15:30 - 16:45pm (central time), between 28 August and 6 December, 2018. Finals week is 10-14 Dec., 2018.  Please consult the syllabus and course website for more up to date information.

We will work with students and their advisors to arrange for university credit to be given upon successful completion of the course, if allowed by the student’s institution. This may require the student's advisor to handle coursework grading.

Course Description: Phenomenology and theories of modern day particle physics; classification of particles and their interactions. Introduction to some of the mathematical context/notation of particle physics, with emphasis on how to perform calculations using the mechanics of the Feynman calculus. Topics include:  Symmetries in Particle Physics, Basic concepts of Cross-sections, Decay-rates, Perturbative Calculations, Electrodynamics of Spin-0 Particles and the Feynman Calculus, The Dirac Equation, Electrodynamics of Spin-1/2 Particles, Higher order corrections, Renormalisation, Running Couplings, Chromodynamics of Spin-1/2 Particles, Structure of Hadrons and Parton Model, GWS-dynamics for Spin-1/2 Particles, Introduction to the Higgs Mechanism.   

Prerequisite: Graduate-level Quantum Mechanics, Undergraduate-level Special Relativity

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