Parton modification studies using electroweak-boson-tagged hadrons with pp and PbPb collisions at 5.02 TeV with the CMS experiment

Jun 4, 2020, 11:55 AM

Oral Presentation Jets and High Momentum Hadrons Parallel


Kaya Tatar (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))


Electroweak bosons can be used to constrain the kinematics, as well as the flavor, of the recoiling parton, before its interaction with the quark-gluon plasma. While photons are more abundant, they suffer from larger systematic uncertainties, particularly at low transverse momentum ($p_\mathrm{T}$), from the background photons from neutral meson decays. Tagging with Z bosons is a complementary way to study modifications of low $p_\mathrm{T}$ partons as well as the soft particles from the medium response. The talk will present studies of kinematics correlations between electoweak bosons and charged particles in pp and PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\mathrm{NN}} = 5.02\,\mathrm{TeV}$ using data collected with the CMS detector.

Contribution type Contributed Talk
Track Jets and High Momentum Hadrons
Collaboration (if applicable) CMS

Primary author

Serguei Petrushanko (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (RU))

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