Medium response from mini-jets and in-medium hadronization in relativistic heavy ion collisions

Jun 4, 2020, 11:15 AM

Oral Presentation Jets and High Momentum Hadrons Parallel


Dr Sangwook Ryu (Wayne State University)


In ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions, partons with intermediate energy (5-10) GeV excite ripples as they travel through the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP).
These ripples' effect on particle production phenomenology is not very well studied.
In this work, we extend our previous work \cite{Ryu:2018ckh} and present study using a state-of-the-art hybrid framework that consists of the IP-Glasma pre-thermalization dynamics, viscous hydrodynamics (MUSIC), jet energy loss (MARTINI), and hadronic re-scatterings (UrQMD). This framework consistently handles both soft and hard physics involved in relativistic heavy ion collisions.
We consider the energy loss of mini-jets, whose energy is between 5 to 10 GeV, and their induced medium excitation.
The energy and momentum lost from the mini-jets are treated as either free-streaming wave-packets or causal diffusive perturbations of the hydrodynamic flow.
They alter the energy-stress tensor evaluated on the particlization hypersurface during the hadronization as jet induced medium response.
In addition, this approach uses a novel in-medium fragmentation where the color neutrality of a string is enforced locally.
We quantify the importance of the medium response from mini-jets propagation and their in-medium hadronization on identified particle $p_T$-spectra and their flow anisotropic coefficients.

S. Ryu, S. McDonald, C. Shen, S. Jeon and C. Gale,
``Effects of hadronic rescattering in mini-jet production and energy loss at the LHC''
PoS High-pT 2017, 014 (2019).

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Track Jets and High Momentum Hadrons

Primary author

Dr Sangwook Ryu (Wayne State University)


Scott McDonald (McGill University) Chun Shen (Wayne State University) Sangyong Jeon (McGill University) Charles Gale (McGill University)

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