Measurement of the $\omega$ Meson in pp Collisions at the LHC with ALICE

Jun 2, 2020, 7:30 AM
1h 20m


Poster Jets and High Momentum Hadrons Poster session


Jens Robert Luhder (Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster (DE))


ALICE is a dedicated heavy-ion experiment and focusses on the properties of the Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP), a state of strongly interacting matter expected to be formed in heavy-ion collisions.
When performing proton-proton collisions, the energy densities reached are in principle not sufficient to form this medium and hence measurements in this system serve as a baseline to understand the influences of the QGP on the particle production.
Furthermore, cross sections of neutral mesons are needed to test QCD-based theory predictions and to constrain Fragmentation Functions as well as Parton Distribution Functions at high momentum.

This poster will cover the measurement of the invariant cross sections of the $\omega$-meson at mid-rapidity in pp collisions with a center of mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=13\,$TeV produced at the LHC Run2 and measured by ALICE.
The $\omega$ is reconstructed via $\omega \rightarrow \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^0$, where the $\pi^0$ decays further in two photons.
In ALICE, the measurement of photons is performed in two different ways:
The first method measures photons via their energy deposits in electromagnetic calorimeters.
The second method is called PCM (Photon Conversion Method) as photons may convert to e$^{+}$-e$^{-}$ pairs when interacting with the detector material. While the e$^{+}$-e$^{-}$ pairs from conversions are identified and measured with help of the Time Projection Chamber (TPC), the charged pions are measured using information of the Inner Tracking System (ITS) in addition.

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Track Jets and High Momentum Hadrons
Collaboration (if applicable) ALICE

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Jens Robert Luhder (Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster (DE))

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