Oct 16 – 18, 2018
Lund university
Europe/Stockholm timezone
See you at Partikeldagarna in Lund on Tuesday!

Payment information

Deadline and fees 

The deadline for registration fee and conference dinner payment is on Monday, September 24.

Price: 500 SEK (conference) + 570 SEK (conference dinner). If you would like to bring a guest to the dinner, it costs 570 SEK extra. If you want to book a room in the University guest house, you should pay 672 SEK extra per night. The total fee to be paid depends on whether you book a room and it is specified below. 

Fees for Partikeldagarna 2018, inclusive of room booking but exclusive of guests

with double room
for 4 nights

with double room
for 3 nights
with double room
for 2 nights
with double room
for 1 night
Making my own accommodation arrangements
Without social dinner






With social dinner 3758 3086 2414 1742 1070

Note: Lund Bachelor's and Master's students will be working for the organization in the weeks before the conference and during the conference, so their conference fee (not dinner) will be waived. They will only have to pay 570 SEK for the dinner. 

Please wait until your registration is complete to make the payment (you will receive an e-mail from indico). The e-mail subject will be: 

[Indico] Registration completed for Partikeldagarna 2018 + Discussion Session on the Swedish Input to the European Strategy of Particle Physics

This is so that in case of overbooking of the rooms we can get in touch with you and give precedence to students and postdocs. 

Payment details: 

Recipient: Lage Hedin / Svenska fysikersamfundet 
Account: Plusgiro 26 83 - 1 
IBAN (for payment from abroad): IBAN SE94 9500 0099 6042 0002 6831 
Mark the payment "Partikeldagarna Lund" and your name. 

Once you have sent the payment, please also send an email to Caterina Doglioni with the subject [Partikeldagarna payment] and adding who/what you paid for, so that we can keep track of who paid on Indico. 

Address (if needed) 

Svenska fysikersamfundet 
Lage Hedin 
Inst. för fysik och astronomi 
Uppsala universitet 
Box 516 
751 20 Uppsala 
Organisationsnummer: 845000-7342.