Cutting Multiparticle Correlators Down to Size (10'+5')

Jul 24, 2019, 11:15 AM
32-123 (MIT)


Lightning talk Session


Patrick Komiske (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Multiparticle correlators are a broad class of observables that have found significant use at colliders. It is known that there exist mysterious linear relations between specific types of these correlators when their summands satisfy certain properties. In this talk, I will develop graphical methods to understand and classify all such linear relations, showing that they can be derived from a master antisymmetrization identity. Interesting connections to counting the number of independent polynomials in pairwise kinematic variables will be presented along with other potential applications.

Primary authors

Patrick Komiske (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Eric Metodiev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Jesse Thaler (MIT)

Presentation materials