The 9th DIRAC Users' Workshop

Other Institutes

Other Institutes

Imperial College London
Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS/IN2P3, Marseille, France), Daniela Bauer (Imperial College (GB)), Federico Stagni (CERN)

The workshop will be devoted to the information exchange between the DIRAC developers, service administrators and users. Reports on the DIRAC ongoing and planned developments, service management tools will be included into the agenda together with the users reporting their experience. You are welcome to suggest your items to the workshop agenda.

Please note that this year we will have to collect a conference fee of £80 (more details closer to the time). Registration will close May 9th.

Vidyo conferencing will only be available for the User Tutorial on May 15th. You are welcome to attend this tutorial even if you are not registered.


  • Alessandro Paolini
  • Andre Sailer
  • Andrei Tsaregorodtsev
  • Andrew Lister
  • Andrii Lytovchenko
  • Behzad Hosseini
  • Brais Lopez Paredes
  • Carl-Fredrik Enell
  • Chris Burr
  • Christophe Haen
  • Christophe Meessen
  • Daniela Bauer
  • David Colling
  • Elena Korolkova
  • Etienne Lyard
  • Federico Stagni
  • Hideki Miyake
  • I. Ueda
  • Ian Johnson
  • Igor Pelevanyuk
  • Janusz Martyniak
  • Jiri Chudoba
  • Josephine Paton
  • Luisa Arrabito
  • Marcelo Vilaca Pinheiro Soares
  • Marko Petric
  • Martin Barisits
  • Mathew Thomas
  • Matthew James Viljoen
  • Matvey Sapunov
  • Michel Hernandez Villanueva
  • Mikalai Kutouski
  • Patrick Fuhrmann
  • Robert Andrew Currie
  • Rohini Joshi
  • Romanovskiy Vladimir
  • Ruslan Mashinistov
  • Simon Fayer
  • Sophie King
  • Stefan Schlenstedt
  • Vanessa HAMAR
  • Wojciech Jan Krzemien
  • Xiaomei Zhang
  • Yin Chen
  • Zoltan Mathe