NuTheories is a week-long workshop on the physics of neutrinos beyond the standard 3 x 3 oscillation framework, to be hosted by PITT PACC at the University of Pittsburgh on November 4-10, 2018. The workshop will gather physicists from different communities, including model builders, phenomenologists and experimentalists, to explore the complementarity of neutrino oscillation experiments with non-oscillation experiments such as those at the Fermilab Muon Campus and the LHC, in order to assess the sensitivity of present and upcoming experiments to neutrino physics that cannot solely be described with the 3 × 3 neutrino oscillation paradigm.

The workshop has no registration charge.

All talks will take place at the Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center in the Carnegie Room, with the exception of the colloquium on Monday afternoon that will take place in Room 102, Thaw Hall, University of Pittsburgh


  • Brian Batell (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Joshua Berger (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Marco Drewes (Université Catholique de Louvain)
  • Ivan Esteban (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Pavel Fileviez Perez (Case Western Reserve)
  • Karsten Heeger (Yale)
  • Julian Heeck (University of California, Irvine)
  • Doojin Kim (Arizona)
  • Danny Marfatia (Hawaii)
  • Andy Mastbaum (Chicago)
  • Dave McKeen (TRIUMF)
  • Miha Nemevšek (Jožef Stefan Institute)
  • Vittorio Paolone (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Diana Parno (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Yuber Perez-Gonzalez (FNAL)
  • Maxim Pospelov (University of Victoria & Perimeter Institute)
  • Mark Ross-Lonergan (Columbia University)
  • Richard Ruiz (Université Catholique de Louvain)
  • Bibhushan Shakya (University of California, Santa Cruz)
  • Sarah Shandera (Penn State University)
  • Alex Sousa (Cincinnati)
  • Michael Trott (Niels Bohr Institute)
  • Yun-Tse Tsai (SLAC)
  • Jessica Turner (FNAL)
  • Cédric Weiland (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Yongchao Zhang (Washington University)


Organizing Committee: Brian Batell, Joshua Berger, Cindy Cercone, Dorival Gonçalves, Tao Han, Ahmed Ismail, Donna Naples, Richard Ruiz, Cédric Weiland

Contact: Cindy Cercone,

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Carnegie Room, Wyndham Pittsburgh University Center