NExT Meeting at Southampton

University of Southampton, Building 46, Third Floor, Lecture Theatre A (Room 3001)

University of Southampton, Building 46, Third Floor, Lecture Theatre A (Room 3001)

Andrew Akeroyd
This meeting continues the series of NExT Seminar Meetings, now occurring every semester. The aim is to discuss recent progress and developments in the research topics of the NExT institute.  The scientific programme will consist of invited and contributed talks. Talks will start at 1300 and end around 1730. The venue is room 3001 (lecture theatre A) on the third floor of the Physics & Astronomy building (building 46). A NExT steering committee meeting will take place from 1100-1300 in room 2001 on the second floor (entrance hall) of the Physics and Astronomy building (building 46). Participation is free of charge, and it is understood that travel expenses will be covered by the participant's host institute. Registration is now open, with deadline at 2359 on Fri 02 November. Registration is necessary for every participant (including locals) in order to have accurate numbers for catering services. A coffee break will be provided approximately halfway through the meeting, and participants are asked to have lunch at one of the various cafeterias on campus before 1300.
If you would like to contribute a talk (of duration 20 +5 mins) then please send an abstract to Andrew Akeroyd ( by 31 Oct. We hope to see many of you in Southampton on Wed 07 November.
Directions about how to reach the campus and the meeting venue can be found at this link:

For participants who are coming by car and require parking please contact us in advance.

Wireless will be available via eduroam authentication.

  • Alexander Lind
  • Alexander Mitchell-Lister
  • Andrew Akeroyd
  • Arran Freegard
  • Azaria Coupe
  • Billy Ford
  • Bradley Garland
  • Charanjit Kaur
  • Charlie Cresswell-Hogg
  • Charlie Woodward
  • Ciara Byers
  • Daniel Locke
  • Daniela Hernandez Otero
  • Henry Day-Hall
  • James Richings
  • Luiz Vale Silva
  • Luke Arpino
  • Matthew Chapman
  • Matthew Russell
  • Muyuan Song
  • Pasquale Di Bari
  • Rome Samanta
  • Ross Glew
  • Ryan Hill
  • Sandra Kvedaraite
  • Stefano Moretti
  • Steve King
  • Yannick Kluth
  • Yaobei Liu
    • 13:00 13:45
      Sebastian Jaeger (Univ. of Sussex): "Perspectives on New Physics from B-physics anomalies" 45m

      B physics

    • 13:45 14:15
      Yao-Bei Liu (Univ. of Southampton): "Probing anomalous top-Higgs couplings at the HL-LHC via H→WW∗ decay channels" 30m
    • 14:15 15:00
      Steve King (Univ. of Southampton): "Theories of Flavour from the Planck scale to the Electroweak Scale" 45m
    • 15:00 15:30
      Coffee/Tea Break (in foyer on second floor of physics buildlng) 30m
    • 15:30 16:00
      Basem El Menoufi (Univ. of Sussex): "Quantum gravity as an EFT, black hole thermodynamics, and an excursion into the UV" 30m
    • 16:00 16:30
      Luke Arpino (Univ. of Sussex): "WW Production With a Jet Veto Made Simple(r)" 30m
    • 16:30 17:00
      Muyuan Song (Univ. of Southampton): "Light Charged Higgs boson with dominant cb decay from 3HDM and detection prospects" 30m