8-10 January 2010
SpaceX Andaz Caltech
US/Pacific timezone


Duels: The Big Picture

9 Jan 2010, 09:30
SpaceX Andaz Caltech

SpaceX Andaz Caltech


For the “big picture duels” we are envisioning hearing the dueler's “universe view”. The idea here is to unbundle the thinking and then wrap it up into a picture that could be the full or partial solution to the big questions we want to discuss/address. We envision a focus on the data available and an expose of the knowledge gaps, as well as suggestions on how to fill them or take them into account, extrapolations from historical data, intuitive thinking and gut reactions. We expect to discuss what we should be cautious about, what are the contingency paths towards answering the questions and where/if we are under-prepared for each dueler's worldview. We expected the duelers and the panel be creative and get out on a limb all the way to being preposterous as the views are developed and argued. We expect any or all of the above. The round table discussion provoked by your universe-view will follow starting with comments and questions from the panel.

Presentation Materials

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Lisa Randall
09/01/2010, 09:30
Savas Dimopoulos
09/01/2010, 10:10
Gordy Kane
09/01/2010, 10:50
Gia Dvali
09/01/2010, 11:30
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