New physics in kaon and beam-dump experiments

Bridge Study Room (University of Birmingham)

Bridge Study Room

University of Birmingham

Poynting Physics Building (R13) Edgbaston Campus University of Birmingham United Kingdom B15 2TT
Christopher John Parkinson (University of Birmingham), Cristina Lazzeroni (University of Birmingham (GB)), Sebastian Jaeger (University of Sussex (GB))

The SM is known not to be a complete theory of nature, and there are strong theoretical arguments that physics beyond the Standard Model should exist not too far beyond the electroweak scale. Indeed a number of measurements in recent years, concerned with flavour-violating decays and CP violation in B and kaon physics, are suggestive of departures from the SM. To move towards a more complete theory, theoreticians have developed several models that go beyond the SM (BSM). These SM extensions typically introduce new physical phenomena; these can include new particles, such as heavy neutral leptons, and new processes, like charged-lepton flavour/number violation. In this way the work of theoreticians inform and direct experimental research, while experimental searches constrain the proposed models and help to identify which of them gives the best description of nature. Many of the new phenomena predicted in extensions of the SM affect the way in which kaons decay, making kaon decays highly sensitive probes of new phenomena.

The continuing interest in kaon physics is evidenced by substantial theoretical progress on several rare kaon decays and other kaon observables, driven in part by advances in lattice QCD but also by considerable interest from the BSM community. In the case of new long-lived particles, such as hidden-sector portals or axion-like particles, experimental searches can be made at beam-dump facilities. However, long-lived particles of appropriate mass can also be produced in kaon decays. The potential to search for long-lived particles in these two ways is a burgeoning field of interest for both experimentalists and theoreticians. It is clear that there is considerable overlap of interest between experimentalists searching for new physics in kaon and beam-dump experiments.

The aim of this workshop is to bring these two experimental communities and the theory community together in one place, to discuss new results, to forge new collaboration, and to direct future research effort. The discussions will take place in light of recent and future theoretical progress, of recently completed experimental programmes, of proposals for upgrades to existing experimental setups, and of recent proposals for future experiments. The meeting is highly relevant for the UK community due to our strong representation within experimental and theoretical groups related to these topics.

This meeting is funded by the Institute of Physics (IoP) High Energy Particle Physics (HEPP) and Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (MTP) groups.

Invited speakers include:

- Prof. G. Wilkinson FRS, Oxford University

- Prof. A. Golutvin, Imperial College London

- Prof. M. Wing, University College London

- Dr. M. Chala, Durham University

- Dr. M. Gorbahn, Univeristy of Liverpool

- Dr. P. Ilten, University of Birmingham

- Dr. F. Dettori, University of Liverpool

- Dr. A. Romano, University of Birmingham

- Dr. N. Garron, University of Liverpool

- Dr. R. Marchevski, CERN

- Dr. M. Moulson, INFN-LNF

- Dr L. Vale Silva, University of Sussex