Meson spectrum of Sp(4) lattice gauge theory with two fundamental Dirac fermions

21 Jun 2019, 14:20
Shimao 3B

Shimao 3B

Parallel Physics Beyond the Standard Model Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Jong-Wan Lee (Pusan National University)


We calculate the meson spectrum of Sp(4) lattice gauge theory coupled to two fundamental flavors of dynamical Dirac fermions, where we focus on the lowest (flavored) spin-0 and spin-1 states. Such theories are often considered in the phenomenological models of composite Higgs and self-interacting dark matter. We carry out continuum extrapolations using four different values of lattice couplings, and fit the resulting masses and decay constants to effective field theory. Our results are then compared with quenched ones and those of other similar gauge theories.

Primary authors

Jong-Wan Lee (Pusan National University) Dr Ed Bennett (Swansea University) Deog Ki Hong (Pusan National University (KR)) Prof. C.-J. David Lin (National Chiao-Tung University) Biagio Lucini (Swansea University) Prof. Maurizio Piai (Swansea University) Dr Davide Vadacchino (INFN Pisa)

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