ATLAS Software & Computing Week #62

New York University

New York University

New York, NY
Davide Costanzo (University of Sheffield (GB)), James Catmore (University of Oslo (NO))

This ATLAS Software and Computing Week will be held at New York University in Manhattan, New York, in the facilities of the NYU Law School. We are grateful to our NYU colleagues for making the meeting possible and to our sponsors, Google and Intel, for their participation and assistance.

Plenaries will be held at D'Agostino Hall in its Lipton Hall meeting room at 108 W 3rd St near the southwest corner of Washington Square Park. Registration takes place there also. Parallel sessions (two parallel rooms) will be at Furman Hall, close by on Sullivan St. Vidyo will be available for plenary and parallel sessions. As usual for S&C Weeks, the opening plenary will be Monday afternoon, with a Monday morning pre-meeting on detector descriptions and geometry. The meeting will conclude at lunchtime on Friday.

Coffee/tea/snack will be provided during breaks, or before the morning session on the days with a late 10am start. Lunches are not included in the registration fee, there are lots of spots nearby to get everything from a pizza slice to an outrageously expensive lunch, and 90min to do so if the sessions stick to their slot. On Friday morning a coat check will be available at D'Agostino Hall where you can drop your bags during the final session.

The dinner will be held on Tuesday at Ben's Kosher Delicatessen. The buffet style menu is attached, gluten free items in red. A reception will be hosted by Google at their New York headquarters in Chelsea (111 8th Ave) on Thursday evening.

There is a special registration form for students. Students using this form will not be required to pay until later when we've determined whether we can give a student discount on the registration fee. The more attendees at the meeting the better we'll be able to offer help to students. Students are asked to register without paying now; once we've determined the student rate a student-specific payment form will be made available. 

A block of NYU dorm rooms has been reserved at Founders Hall on 12th St, a short walk from the venue. The $100/night rate (single-person rooms) is much less than hotels in the area. Dorm booking is now closed. 

Plenary and parallel rooms are available 9am-6pm. Lipton Hall plenary room capacity is 172. Parallel room sizes are Furman 214: 79, Furman 216: 146 

Attendees were sent this final bulletin on Monday June 17.

Keep an eye on the bulletin board and feel free to contribute to it

If you have questions, contact Torre ( and Connie ( 

Local organizers: Maureen Anderson (BNL), Kyle Cranmer (NYU), Alexei Klimentov (BNL), Eric Lancon (BNL), Jennifer Moral (NYU), Connie Potter (CERN), Torre Wenaus (BNL)

google .            Intel sponsor

Videoconference Rooms
For parallel sessions in Furman 216
James Catmore
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Vidyo room for parallel sessions in Furman 214
James Catmore
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ATLAS Software and Computing Workshop, June 2019 (NYC)
James Catmore
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Special student registration form
  • Adam Edward Barton
  • Alaettin Serhan Mete
  • Alessandra Forti
  • Alessandro Di Girolamo
  • Alexander Undrus
  • Alexei Klimentov
  • Amir Farbin
  • Andrea Dell'Acqua
  • Andrea Formica
  • Andreas Salzburger
  • Andrej Filipcic
  • Andrew Bohdan Hanushevsky
  • Anton Josef Gamel
  • Armen Vartapetian
  • Armin Nairz
  • Attila Krasznahorkay
  • Borut Paul Kersevan
  • Brian Lin
  • Calin Alexa
  • Charles Leggett
  • Connie Potter
  • Dan Andrei Ciubotaru
  • Danila Oleynik
  • Dario Barberis
  • David Cameron
  • David Michael South
  • Davide Costanzo
  • Debottam BakshiGupta
  • Doug Benjamin
  • Edison Murairi
  • Edward Moyse
  • Elizabeth Gallas
  • Eric Christian Lancon
  • Fernando Harald Barreiro Megino
  • Frank Winklmeier
  • Gabriel Stoicea
  • Goetz Gaycken
  • Gordon Watts
  • Heather Gray
  • Hironori Ito
  • Ilija Vukotic
  • Ivan Glushkov
  • Jack Cranshaw
  • Jack Wells
  • James Catmore
  • James Herbert Cochran Jr
  • Jennifer Morral
  • Jim Shank
  • Jiri Chudoba
  • Joerg Stelzer
  • Johannes Elmsheuser
  • John Derek Chapman
  • John Hover
  • John Steven De Stefano Jr
  • Joseph Boudreau
  • Junichi Tanaka
  • Karan Bhatia
  • Kaushik De
  • Keith Baker
  • Leonid Serkin
  • Leonora Vesterbacka
  • Leonora Vesterbacka
  • Leslie Groer
  • Marc Gabriel Weinberg
  • Marcin Nowak
  • Maria Smizanska
  • Marilena Bandieramonte
  • Mario Lassnig
  • Mark Hodgkinson
  • Martin Barisits
  • Michal Svatos
  • Michele Renda
  • Michiru Kaneda
  • Miha Muskinja
  • Nils Erik Krumnack
  • Nurcan Ozturk
  • Oana Vickey Boeriu
  • Paolo Calafiura
  • Paul Gessinger-Befurt
  • Paul Nilsson
  • Pavlo Svirin
  • Peter Onyisi
  • Peter Van Gemmeren
  • Ping Yeh
  • Rachid Mazini
  • Robert William Gardner Jr
  • Rodney Walker
  • Roger Jones
  • Ryu Sawada
  • Scott Snyder
  • Shuwei Ye
  • Siarhei Padolski
  • Srini Rajagopalan
  • Tadashi Maeno
  • Tadej Novak
  • Thomas Beermann
  • Tim Adye
  • Todd Seiss
  • Tomoe Kishimoto
  • Torre Wenaus
  • Tulay Cuhadar Donszelmann
  • Vakho Tsulaia
  • Vincent R. Pascuzzi
  • Walter Hopkins
  • Walter Lampl
  • Wei Yang
  • William Edward Strecker-Kellogg
  • Xin Zhao
  • Xinli Liu