2-6 September 2019
Istanbul Technical University
Europe/Istanbul timezone

Theory of hot matter and relativistic heavy-ion collisions- THOR Annual Meeting - 2-6 September 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

Topics for Working Group Meetings 

Quark-gluon phase transition and equation of state

Non equilibrium and transport phenomena in hot dense QCD matter

Hadronisation and lepton pair production in heavy-ion collisions

Hadron, fragment and light cluster formation

Statistical and dynamical models for relativistics ion collisions

QCD phases in supernova collapse, compact stars and binary mergers


Scientific Committee: (** to be confirmed, names are in alphabetical order.)

Gert Aarts (Swansea University, United Kingdom)

Jorg Aichlein, (Subatech, Nantes, France)

Marcus Bleicher, ( FIAS, Frankfurt, Germany)

Alexander Botvina, ( ITP, Frankfurt University, Frankfurt, Germany)

Larissa Bravina (Oslo University, Oslo, Norway)**

Nihal Buyukcizmeci (Selcuk University,  Konya, Turkey), (Local Organiser)

Elena Gonzalez Ferreiro (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

M. Cem Guclu (Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Umut Gursoy (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

Maria Paola Lombardo (INFN, Italy)

Rıza Ogul (Selcuk University, Konya, Turkey)


Meeting Location: İTÜ (İstanbul Technical University) Maçka Kampüsü Sosyal Tesisler Binası 34367 Teşvikiye, İstanbul, Turkey 


1) İTÜ Maçka Sosyal Tesisleri (İTÜ Maçka Oteli) ( @ meeting hall building) :Approximately 25 Euro per night in single room  and 30 Euro per night in double room–up to 20 rooms can be reserved.  Lunch (and Dinner) service is available in the restaurant.  Price: 6-10 Euro.

Address: İTÜ Maçka Kampüsü Sosyal Tesisler Binası 34367 Teşvikiye- İstanbul

Phone Number:+90 212 296 31 47 – 296 55 12


Price Information: http://www.ituvakif.org.tr/otel-konferans-salonlari.as

2) İTÜ Yılmaz Akdoruk Konukevi-Maslak (far from İTÜ Maçka Sosyal Tesisleri 25 minutes by taxi (11km), public transport is available) Approximately 25 Euro per night in single room and 30 Euro per night in double room–up to 10 rooms can be reserved.

Address: İTÜ Maslak Kampüsü-İstanbul

Phone Number:+90 212 285 72 93 – 72 94


3) Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus (5 star hotel)- double room (for two person) is around 160Euro. It is close to meeting hall. (1.5 km)

Addres: Cihannüma Mh, Saray Cad. No:5, 34353, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Türkiye

Phone Number :+90 212 310 25 25


Web Page:http://www.hilton.com.tr/oteller/turkiye/istanbul/conrad-istanbul-bosphorus/

*Prices for many avegare hotel start from 50-60 Euro in Istanbul.

Important note about local transport in Istanbul:

We have selected meeting location in the city center, many historical places are in walking distance from meeting hall.  General public transport (Metro, Marmaray, public buses, airport buses, taxi, ferry)

Airports in İstanbul: İstanbul airport  (on European side of İstanbul) and Sabiha Gökçen Airport (on Asian Side of İstanbul).  

How to Get From Istanbul Airport to Taksim(on European side of İstanbul)

The new Istanbul Airport (IST) is the main international airport of Istanbul. The airport is located next to the Black Sea on the European side, about 40 km away from Taksim. 

General Guidelines

Get Turkish Liras If you don’t have Turkish liras on you, use one of the many ATMs in the airport to withdraw some cash money. None of the transportation options mentioned below will accept credit cards, foreign currencies or big Turkish lira notes. Make sure you have some 5, 10, 20 or maximum 50 notes handy.

Get an Istanbul KartIf you plan to use public transportation, make sure to get an Istanbul Kart at the airport, and load sufficient funds on it. Using the card is not only cheaper, it’s also mandatory on most public transportation lines these days.

Hotel AddressMake sure that you write down or print out the exact address of your hotel, together with its telephone number. Istanbul is a huge city with an uncountable amount of (small) hotels. Even locals don’t know them all by heart. So, if you need help, just hand over the piece of paper. It’s not unusual for a taxi driver to ask for directions at traffic lights or call the hotel. Don’t worry, he’ll get you there.


A lot of tourists instinctively take a taxi to reach their hotel. But with the New Istanbul Airport being minimum 40 km away, you may want to give that some extra thought. A trip from the new Istanbul airport to Taksim will set you back for minimum 105 TL, and 135 TL. However, these are NOT fixed prices; if the taxi hits traffic, uses toll roads or takes a longer (but according to the taxi driver) quicker road, the fare may increase quickly. Even if you’re a party of four and the driver manages to fit all your luggage in the trunk, you’re still better off taking one of the options below.

In case you must take a taxi, just walk to the official taxi ranks located just outside the terminal. Never take a ride from the hustlers inside the airport terminal, and always ask to switch on the meter.

Havaist Airport Shuttle

Havaist is a new airport shuttle service operating several bus lines between the new Istanbul airport and spots all over Istanbul.

To reach Taksim, it’s really straightforward. You take the line IST 19: New Istanbul Airport – Beşiktaş – Taksim (which also stops at Zincirlikuyu and 4. Levent Metro) and you get off at the last stop, in front of the Point Hotel, close to Taksim square. From there you can either walk to your hotel, take a taxi or the metro..

The fare for bus lines is 18 TL per person, one way, luggage included. Trips take on average 100 minutes, more during rush hour. Luckily the buses have TV-movie-series services, WiFi, and USB charging units to make the trip a bit more enjoyable. You can find the timetables on the official Havaist website.

How to Get From Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Taksim

The Sabiha Gökçen Istanbul Airport is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, well outside the city center. Unless your hotel has arranged for a free airport pick-up, you will need to find transportation from the airport to your hotel.


Unless money is no object, stay clear from taking a taxi from the Sabiha Gökçen airport. A ride to Taksim may easily take over an hour. Accordingly, you’ll have to pay 125 TL and upwards, depending on your final destination. Always check out the most up-to-date taxi prices.

Havabus Airport Shuttle (and Public Transportation Combination)

Havabus, a municipality owned reliable airport shuttle service, is your best option to reach your hotel. Depending on your destination, either direct or in combination with public transportation.

To Taksim – This is the most straightforward route. Outside the airport, find the Havabus heading for Taksim. These buses operate daily between 04:00 and 01:00. The current pick-up and drop-off point is the Gezi Park metro exit/entrance, just past Taksim Square. The ride costs 18 TL per person (luggage included) and takes approximately 90 minutes, depending on traffic. You can get off at a few places, but most tourists will want to get off at Beşiktaş or Taksim, depending on your destination.

From Taksim to ITU-Macka Campus (Macka Sosyal tesisleri)

ITU-Macka Campus is located approximately 3 km away from Taksim. To come from Taksim, the cable car operating between Taksim and Macka can be an option. Another option is to take a taxi. It costs no more than 20 TL.(max. 5 Euro)

Istanbul Technical University
İTÜ (İstanbul Technical University) Maçka Kampüsü Sosyal Tesisler Binası 34367 Teşvikiye, İstanbul, Turkey

Contact person:Prof. Dr. Nihal Buyukcizmeci

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