Jan 14 – 17, 2019
IST, Lisboa, Portugal
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Master Majorana neutrino mass parametrization

Jan 14, 2019, 2:30 PM
Anfiteatro Abreu Faro (IST, Lisboa, Portugal)

Anfiteatro Abreu Faro

IST, Lisboa, Portugal

Av Rovisco Pais 1049-001 Lisboa Portugal


Avelino Vicente (IFIC - CSIC / U. Valencia)


After discussing the general form of a Majorana neutrino mass matrix I will introduce a master parametrization for the Yukawa matrices in agreement with neutrino oscillation data. This parametrization extends previous results in the literature and can be used for any model that induces Majorana neutrino masses with the seesaw mechanism (with the only exception of the type-II seesaw). The application of the master parametrization will be illustrated in several example models, with special focus on their lepton flavor violating phenomenology.

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