LS2 -PP0&MINIFRAME integration meeting

25-R-014 (CERN)



  • PP0

Connector speakon solution for support. preferable to have 8 and not 9 in a row, but with this 16 additional ones we will  the correspondence with the 8 cable tray for side.

AI: ITS team prefer EN-EA will work a solution to stay with 9 in a  row.   ( Kevin)

EN-EA will try to send to the main workshop week 47 first draft of the PP) to try to make a prototype.

The prototype will have 8mm thickness

accessibility in front of the PPO:  the Box TPC LV cables will stay in place during LS2

Labelling of the PP0: to update Arturo table with the names foreseen from ITS

AI: position the MFT PP in a more accessible area on the PP0  ( Elisa)


  • PP1-plant 48 cables ITS cooling pressure sensor pression + 12 per MFT ( total) .

AI: Add in the detailed MNF drawing  MFT pressure sensors to the total ( Al+Elisa)

AI: to check with EN-CV integration sequences and responsabilities for the pressure sensors. ( Elisa)


  • LV cable structure C-side

new update, attached directed to the door. TO be checked how much time and who can do this work.needs to be ready by end of february. To procure all the parts by January, standard parts.Kevin to ask Gianluca for the realization of this job ( maybe Spie, bruno pecora).

  • TPC cooling tubes drawings C-side

During TS3, En-EA did a check on the cavern , old drawing of the TPC tubes are mostly corresponding to what is installed in the cavern.

still problem with siphons, in the new design for 5 tubes routing.

AI : to check if for at least 5 tubes that are doing up-down routing is possible to change it ( AL)

AI: make an estimation of the length of each tubes diameters and send to Arturo for the procurement (Elisa)  ( 8-12mm are inox)


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