17-21 September 2019
Yerevan, Armenia
Etc/GMT+4 timezone

Delineating the properties of matter in cold, dense QCD

19 Sep 2019, 09:00
Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

Department of Physics, Alex Manoogian str. 1, Yerevan, Armenia


Prof. Toru Kojo (Central China Normal University)


The properties of dense QCD matter are delineated through the construction of equations of state which should be consistent with QCD calculations in the low and high density limits, nuclear laboratory experiments, and the neutron star observations. These constraints, together with the causality condition of the sound velocity, are used to develop the picture of hadron-quark continuity in which hadronic matter continuously transforms into quark matter (modulo small 1st order phase transitions). The resultant unified equation of state at zero temperature and beta - equilibrium, which we call Quark-Hadron-Crossover (QHC18 and QHC19), is consistent with the measured properties of neutron stars and in addition gives us microscopic insights into the properties of dense QCD matter.

Primary author

Prof. Toru Kojo (Central China Normal University)

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