17-21 September 2019
Yerevan, Armenia
Etc/GMT+4 timezone

First-order phase transition from hypernuclear matter to deconfined quark matter obeying new constraints from compact star observations

18 Sep 2019, 14:00
Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

Department of Physics, Alex Manoogian str. 1, Yerevan, Armenia


Mahboubeh Shahrbaf


We reconsider the problem of the hyperon puzzle and its suggested
solution by quark deconfinement within the two-phase approach to hybrid
compact stars with recently obtained hadronic and quark matter
equations of state. For the hadronic phase we employ the hypernuclear
equation of state from the lowest order constrained variational method
and the quark matter phase is described by a sufficiently stiff equation
of state based on a color superconducting nonlocal Nambu-Jona Lasinio
model with constant (model A) and with density-dependent (model B)
parameters. We provide for the first time a hybrid star EoS with an
intermediate hypernuclear matter phase for which the maximum mass of
the compact star reaches 2.2 solar mass.

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