13th MCnet Summer School

? (Cumberland Lodge)


Cumberland Lodge


The 2019 MCnet Summer School on Event-Generator Physics and Techniques will be held at Cumberland Lodge, located in Windsor Great Park (about an hour from Central London), with arrival on Monday (morning) July 29th and departure on Friday (afternoon) August 2nd 2019.

The school provides a five day course of training in the physics and techniques used in modern Monte Carlo event generators via a series of lectures, practical sessions, and discussions with event-generator authors. The school is aimed at advanced doctoral students and early-career postdocs.

Our core sessions comprise a series of introductory lectures on the physics of event generators, further lectures on a wider range of associated topics, a series of hands-on tutorials using all of the MCnet event generators for LHC physics, and evening discussion sessions with Monte Carlo authors. The full list of lectures is:

  • Introduction to Event Generators - Stefan Gieseke (Karlsruhe)
  • Measurements and Monte Carlo - Emily Nurse (UCL)
  • From Lagrangians to Events - Céline Degrande (UCLouvain)
  • Matching and Merging - Stefan Prestel (Lund)
  • Precision MC for the HL-LHC and beyond  - Jonas Lindert (IPPP Durham), Simone Amoroso (DESY)
  • Computational Challenges - Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy, Holger Schultz (Fermilab)
  • Industrial Applications - Michael König (Blue Yonder)

Organised by:

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  • Abhishek Nag
  • Aidan Kelly
  • Aidin Masouminia
  • Alan Price
  • Andrei Popescu
  • Andres Felipe Vasquez Tocora
  • Andrew Lifson
  • Andy Buckley
  • Ann Durie
  • Baptiste Cabouat
  • Callum Birch-Sykes
  • Celine Catherine A Degrande
  • Christian Gutschow
  • Christopher Plumberg
  • David Yallup
  • Davide Malito
  • Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy
  • Emily Nurse
  • Emma Simpson Dore
  • Emmet Byrne
  • Gavin Bewick
  • Hayden Alexander Smith
  • Heng Li
  • Holger Schulz
  • Jeremy Baron
  • Joanna Huang
  • Jonas Lindert
  • Jonathan Butterworth
  • João Barata
  • Julien Touchèque
  • Katharina Danziger
  • Kevin Nicholas Barends
  • Konie Al Khoury
  • Laura Martikainen
  • Leif Gellersen
  • Luca Mantani
  • Maeve Madigan
  • Manuel Guth
  • Mateus Pelicer
  • Matous Vozak
  • Maximilian Horzela
  • Maximilian Löschner
  • Michael Koenig
  • Mike Seymour
  • Mohammed Faraj
  • Neil Warrack
  • Olivier Mattelaer
  • Ondrej Penc
  • Patrick Kirchgaesser
  • Rahul Nair
  • Robin Törnkvist
  • Serena Palazzo
  • Shayma Wahdan
  • Simon Luca villani
  • Simone Amoroso
  • Smita Chakraborty
  • Stefan Gieseke
  • Stefan Prestel
  • Tim Herrmann
  • Timo Janßen
  • Xiaoran Zhao
  • Yasar Hicyilmaz
  • Yassine El Ghazali
Local Organisers