2-7 June 2019
Simon Fraser University
America/Vancouver timezone
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Hydride Superconductors, a path to room temperature superconductivity

Jun 4, 2019, 1:45 PM
BLU 10011 (Simon Fraser University)

BLU 10011

Simon Fraser University

Invited Speaker / Conférencier(ère) invité(e) Symposia Day - Quantum Materials T3-5 Superconductivity (DCMMP) | Supraconductivité (DPMCM)


Thomas Timusk (McMaster University)


The discovery of a superconducting phase in sulfur hydride under high pressure with a critical temperature above 200 K by Drozdov et al. [1] has provided a new impetus to the search for even higher Tc. The observation of a sharp drop in resistance to zero at Tc, its downward shift with magnetic field and a Meissner effect confirm superconductivity but the mechanism involved remains to be determined. Using the AILES beam line at Soleil, we provided a first optical spectroscopy study of this new superconductor[2]. Experimental results for the optical reflectivity of H3S, under high pressure, were compared with theoretical calculations based on Eliashberg theory using DFT results for the electron-phonon spectral density. One significant features stands out: a band with a depressed reflectance in the superconducting state in the region from 450 meV to 600 meV. The shape, magnitude, and energy dependence of this band at 150 K agrees with our calculations. This is strong evidence of a conventional electron-phonon mechanism. Also, this band provides a tool for a non-invasive probe of superconductivity[3].

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  3. J.P. Carbotte, E.J. Nicol, and T. Timusk, Physical Review Letters, 121, 047002 (2018)

Primary author

Thomas Timusk (McMaster University)

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