21-24 February 2019
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Welcome to the "Symposium on Twenty Years of RHIC Physics in China"! This meeting will take place at the Sun Yat-sen University (SUSY) in Guangzhou, from February 21 to 24. The meeting will bring together theorists and experimentalists in heavy ion physics to discuss the research frontier, the status of the field as well as the future developments. The meeting will also reflect on the participation, contribution, and achievements of Chinese experimental physicists in RHIC experiments over the past twenty years. The main topics of the meeting include: developments of RHIC experiments; heavy flavor and jet physics; collectivity, criticality and chirality in heavy ion collisions; phase structure of strongly interacting matter; as well as other related topics.  The meeting is co-organized by the Sun Yat-sen University (SUSY) and the South China Normal University (SCNU). 

热烈欢迎参加“中国RHIC物理二十年”学术研讨会(Symposium on Twenty Years of RHIC Physics in China)!本次会议将于2019年2月21至24日在广州中山大学召开,2月21日为报到日,2月24日下午结束。会议将邀请相关专家学者汇聚一堂,共同探讨重离子碰撞物理这一领域的前沿热点、研究现状与未来发展。会议还将交流在中国实验物理学家的推动和贡献下RHIC实验物理在中国二十年的发展历程。本次会议的研讨课题包括(但不限于):RHIC物理发展;重味与喷注物理;重离子碰撞中的Collectivity, Criticality, Chirality物理;强作用物质相结构;其它相关课题等。本次研讨会由中山大学和华南师范大学共同组织。

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