Scientific Program

Workshop starts on Monday morning 15 July and ends on Tuesday 16 July al 3 pm.

Workshop program
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Invited talks

Alexei Gurchenko

JOFFE, St. Petersburg

Investigation of isotope effect in particle and energy transport phenomena at the FT-2 tokamak at different densities

Michael Griener

IPP, Garching

On the nature of I-phase bursts at ASDEX Upgrade

Takashi Nishizawa

Wisconsin, IPP

Direct measurement of a toroidally-directed zonal flow in a toroidal plasma

Matteo Agostini

RFX, Padua

Study of the role of divertor neutrals and SOL turbulence in the density shoulder formation and evolution in ASDEX Upgrade

Tatsuya Kobayashi

NIFS, Japan

Frequency and plasma condition dependent spatial structure of low frequency global potential oscillations in TJ-II stellarator

Peter Donnel


Turbulent generation of poloidal asymmetries in a tokamak" (addresses synergies between neooclassics and turbulence as well as transport of impurities)

Myriam Hamed


Stability of kinetic microtearing modes" (especially applied to the pedestal of JET)

Pascale Hennquin


Change of intermittency in Doppler reflectometry data at the density limit

Marcelo Baquero


Blob dynamics near X-points and suprathermal ion studies in TORPEX

Nick Walkden


Turbulence in the Tokamak Divertor MAST

Carsten Killer

IPP, Greifswald

Turbulence in the island divertor SOL of Weldenstein 7-X