Australian Meeting on Accelerator-Based Particle Physics

S2 Lecture Theatre (Monash University)

S2 Lecture Theatre

Monash University

16 Rainforest Walk (Central Science Block), Clayton, VIC, Australia
Archil Kobakhidze (The University of Sydney), Csaba Balazs (Monash University), German Valencia (Monash University), Jordan Nash (Imperial College (GB)), Paul Douglas Jackson (University of Adelaide), Peter Athron, Peter Skands (Monash University (AU)), Raymond Volkas (The University of Melbourne), Ulrik Egede (Monash University (AU))

This workshop will focus on future directions for the field of accelerator-based particle physics in Australia, and will also serve as a trial for a meeting format to help us keep in touch, enhance collaborations, and co-strategise in the post-CoEPP era. The program will comprise both research talks as well as more strategy oriented sessions focusing on vision and plans.

Note that we plan to start around 10:30 on Monday morning to allow people from out of town to travel down on an early flight. Please email us if you have any questions or input for the workshop organisation.

  • Adi Paterson
  • Alexander Zalischansky
  • Anatoly Rozenfeld
  • Andrew Peele
  • Anthony Morley
  • Anthony Williams
  • Archil Kobakhidze
  • Brian Wong
  • Bruce Yabsley
  • Cate MacQueen
  • Christian Tobias Preuss
  • Csaba Balazs
  • Daniel Ferlewicz
  • Douglas Jacob
  • Elisabetta Barberio
  • Ema Dimastrogiovanni
  • Federico Scutti
  • Francesca Ungaro
  • Frederick Hiskens
  • Geoffrey Taylor
  • German Valencia
  • Giancarlo Pozzo
  • Helen Brooks
  • Innes Bigaran
  • Jacinda Ginges
  • Jafar (S Ruhollah) Shojaii
  • James Webb
  • John Gargalionis
  • Jordan Nash
  • Joshua Ellis
  • Kevin Varvell
  • Leon Friedrich
  • Marco Milesi
  • Martin Sevior
  • Martin White
  • Matthew Dolan
  • Michael Bardsley
  • Michael Morgan
  • MIchael Nee
  • Michael Schmidt
  • Nicholas Hunt-Smith
  • Nicole Bell
  • Paul Douglas Jackson
  • Peter Athron
  • Peter Skands
  • Phillip Urquijo
  • Raymond Volkas
  • Richard Garrett
  • Rohan Dowd
  • Ross Young
  • Shanette De La Motte
  • Tomas Gonzalo
  • Tomasz Dutka
  • Ulrik Egede
  • Ursula Laa
  • YanG Zhang
  • Yvonne Wong