Getting the most out of AFT

by Chris Roderick (CERN)

774/R-013 (CERN)



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The AFT application ( has benefitted from a number of developments during the last years, thanks to the efforts of the AFT team. During this time, we have provided comprehensive release notes ( to explain the new features and improvements that have been put in place with each release. Nevertheless, it is considered useful to present the features of the AFT application in the form of an interactive Demo so that users can fully benefit.
The presentation will follow the general outline given below, based mostly on a live demo of the AFT application:
  • Quick introduction to AFT, roles and typical data flows.
  • Fault Registration from the ELogbook, and from within AFT (even when not linked to Accelerator operation)
  • Fault Details
    • Common fault properties (states, durations, display label)
    • Faulty Elements - integration with Layout and associated statistics
    • Accelerator specific properties
    • System specific properties
    • Relations with other faults
    • External links (including auto generation)
  • AWG and System Expert fault review process
  • Fault Modification Requests
  • Searching for Faults
    • Integration with the Accelerator Schedules, Advanced filters
    • Bulk Edition and Review
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Cardiogram details
  • Dashboards (creating, editing, copying, sharing, hiding, bBasic and advanced configurations)