2-6 September 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Gravitational lensing analysis from Subaru HSC and POLARBER

4 Sep 2019, 14:55
Talk CMB, Universe Expansion, and Thermal History Parallel Sessions: CMB, Expansion Rate, Thermal History (C.A.R.L., H09)


Dr Toshiya Namikawa


One of the promising cosmological probes in the next decades is the CMB polarization. While CMB temperature anisotropies have been already measured very precisely, CMB polarization, in particular a twisting pattern in the polarization map (B mode) is still dominated by the statistical noise at most of the scales. The precise measurements of B mode will enable us to explore not only the primordial gravitation waves but also to measure gravitational lensing, and cosmic birefringence. I will talk about a recent work on data analysis using high precision B-mode data, including CMB-galaxy lensing cross-correlation by Subaru HSC and POLARBEAR.

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Dr Toshiya Namikawa

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