Jun 10 – 15, 2019
Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus
Europe/Istanbul timezone

Overview of recent results from observational cosmology

Jun 14, 2019, 10:30 AM
Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus

Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus



Dr Vanina Ruhlmann-Kleider (IRFU, CEA, Université Paris-Saclay)


This talk will review the latest measurements from the presently most precise cosmological probes, namely the cosmic microwave background, distant type Ia supernovae and baryonic acoustic oscillations. The agreement between these data and the ΛCDM model - the standard model of cosmology - will be highlighted. Constraints from these data on inflation and neutrino masses will also be shown. The persistent tension on the Hubble constant between direct measurements and fitted ΛCDM values will be discussed. Finally, the potential of large scale structure measurements beyond baryonic acoustic oscillations will be briefly commented.

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