29th International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (ISDEIV)

Orto Botanico - Padova

Orto Botanico - Padova

Via Orto Botanico, 15 – 35123 Padova, Italy GPS: 45.399444, 11.879807 Orto Botanico - http://www.ortobotanicopd.it/en/


The International Symposium on Discharge and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (ISDEIV) is a non-profit, international organization whose purpose is to encourage the advancement of the science and application of electrical insulation and discharges in vacuum, primarily by conducting symposia for the exchange of scientific information.

The Symposia are held biennially. They are interdisciplinary meetings for the exchange of results, presentation of progress, and discussion of ideas and challenges for the future in the field of electrical discharges and insulation in vacuum. Both fundamental and applied aspects are covered. Symposia program consist of invited talks, invited oral contributions, and posters. Minicourses and informal discussions on relevant topics may also be offered in addition to the regular Symposium schedule.

This Symposium edition, hosted by Consorzio RFX, was initially scheduled for June 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has been rescheduled to run from September 27 to September 30, 2021.

It is our strong commitment to organize this Symposium as a face-to-face event, but the pandemic is far from being under control and it is impossible to predict the situation in September 2021, though vaccination processes have started worldwide.

For this reason, in agreement with the Permanent International Scientific Committee (PISC) of the ISDEIV, it has been decided to organize the Symposium with an hybrid format that allows both in presence - with a maximum number of 120 attendees - and remote participation, provided the Pandemic Emergency Status in Italy is ceased at the date of 31 May 2021.

In case of Symposium in presence, it will run at the Orto Botanico Venue, located in the city center of Padova, Italy. Registrations will be opened on Sunday 26 September afternoon at the Venue. The attendees will be welcomed during the opening reception planned for Monday 27evening.

The PISC has taken also the decision that the Symposium will be held only in remote mode if in Italy the Pandemic Emergency Status will be still in force at the date of 31 May 2021. Please keep yourselves updated, checking frequently the website at the IMPORTANT NEWS page.

In any case, we do rely on your support to make this very particular edition of the PISC a success, whatever the format will be!


If you need an Invitation letter for your VISA, please, make the request as soon as possible through the Workshop Registration Form.

What to Expect in Padova

Art and culture treasures are located in Padova such as the Cappella degli Scrovegni (Giotto’s frescos), Palazzo della Ragione (Medioeval justice palace), Palazzo Bo (Historical palace of the University of Padova) and Basilica of Sant’Antonio. The town hosts one of the largest and oldest universities in Italy, founded in 1222.

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