9-13 September 2019
University of Geneva A100 Sciences II
Europe/Zurich timezone

First star mass distribution: empirical constraints

12 Sep 2019, 10:00


Prof. Salvadori Stefania (University of Florence, Italy)


The Local Group holds the living fossils of the first stars and galaxies. Still, these precious relics are extremely rare, and hence very difficult to catch. In this talk I will discuss the most recent observational findings and theoretical predictions for present-day metal-poor stars, underlying the links with the properties of the first stars. In particular, I will show that chemical abundance studies of metal-poor stars in both the stellar halo and in nearby dwarf galaxies are key observations to study the early metal enrichment and to constrain the mass distribution of the first stars.

Primary author

Prof. Salvadori Stefania (University of Florence, Italy)

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