Sep 12 – 17, 2021
University of Birmingham
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The Topmetal-CEE Prototype, a Direct Charge Sensor for the Beam Monitor of the CSR External-target Experiment

Sep 17, 2021, 8:04 AM
Teaching and Learning Building (University of Birmingham)

Teaching and Learning Building

University of Birmingham

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Dr Chaosong Gao (Central China Normal University)


The Cooler-Storage-Ring External-target Experiment (CEE) which is being constructed since 2020 is a spectrometer to study the properties of nuclear matter at high baryon density region. An online beam monitor that is based on the time projection chamber detection principle is being developed for the CEE to accurately determinate the beam incidence position. The Topmetal-CEE sensors are used as the anode array collecting electrons in the beam monitor.

The Topmetal-CEE prototype has been designed in a standard CMOS 130 nm process and is being fabricated. The sensor has 180 channels with a pitch of 100 µm. In each channel, electrons are collected by a charge collection electrode which is a top-most metal exposed the surrounding media, amplified by a charge sensitive amplifier, and then feed into a discriminator. The output of the discriminator is split into two path. One records time-of-arrival (ToA). The other records time-over-threshold (ToT). ToA information is recorded in a 8-bit register counter at 40 MHz and can be refined by a time-to-amplitude convertor (TAC). TOT is also recorded by a TAC. In order to reduce the dead time, 180 channels are split into two separate parts and then the information in each part is read out by a data-driving priority readout scheme independently. Each channel has its own address encoded by an address encoder. The analog amplitude of each TAC is digitized by a 13-bit pipeline Analog-to-Digital Convertor (ADC). The output codes of the ADC are grouped with the corresponding counter and address, and then they are transferred off chip with a serial speed of 4.4 Gbps.

In the conference, we will present the detailed design and preliminary test results of the Topmetal-CEE prototype.

Institute Central China Normal University
Your name Chaosong Gao
Title Dr
Nationality Chinese

Primary authors

Mr Bihui You (Central China Normal University) Mr Fangfang Huang (Central China Normal University) Mr Wanhan Feng (Central China Normal University) Dr Ping Yang (Central China Normal University) Mr Qingwen Ye (Central China Normal University) Dr Di Guo (Central China Normal University) Mr Zengtao Guo (Central China Normal University) Prof. Guangming Huang (Central China Normal University) Mr Jun Liu (Central China Normal University) Prof. Xiangming Sun (Central China Normal University) Dr Hulin Wang (Central China Normal University) Dr Le Xiao (Central China Normal University) Prof. Chengxin Zhao (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Dr Chaosong Gao (Central China Normal University)

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