Apr 7 – 10, 2019
Imperial College London
Europe/London timezone

The Water Cherenkov Monitor for Anti-Neutrinos (WATCHMAN) at the Advanced Instrumentation Testbed.

Apr 9, 2019, 12:15 PM
Clore Lecture Theatre, Huxley 213 (Imperial College London)

Clore Lecture Theatre, Huxley 213

Imperial College London

Imperial College London Prince Consort Road South Kensington London


Matthew Malek (I)


The WATer CHerenkov Monitor for Anti-Neutrinos (WATCHMAN) is the flagship project of the Advanced Instrumentation Testbed (AIT), a new US-UK collaboration in fundamental and applied science.
WATCHMAN will contain gadolinium-loaded water to allow it to detect the unique signature produced by an antineutrino interaction. With a total target mass of about 6000 tonnes, it will attempt to demonstrate that this new and scalable technology can be used for the remote monitoring of nuclear reactors. From its location in the STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory in North Yorkshire, WATCHMAN aims to observe the cycles of the Hartlepool dual-core nuclear power plant at a standoff distance of 25 kilometers.
The AIT will also enable testing of new technologies, including fast photosensors (such as Large Area Picosecond Photo-Detectors, or LAPPDs) and novel detection materials (such as water-based liquid scintillator, or WbLS).

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